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Meet Dr. Chandra Puli

Renowned Gastroenterologist in Hyderabad – Dr. Chandra Sekhar Puli, FRCP, MRCP Gastro UK, MRCP (Oxford), MBBS

Dr. Chandra Sekhar Puli, a distinguished Gastroenterologist, brings a wealth of expertise to London Gastro Care in Hyderabad. With a remarkable set of qualifications – FRCP, MRCP Gastro UK, MRCP (Oxford), and MBBS – Dr. Puli is a trailblazer in the field.

A Beacon of Gastroenterology Excellence

Dr. Puli’s extensive qualifications, including MRCP Gastro from the UK and MRCP (Oxford), reflect his commitment to exceptional patient care. With over two decades of practice in the UK, he has refined his skills at esteemed institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Elevating Gastro Care in Hyderabad

Having practiced at the prestigious Harley Street clinic in London, Dr. Chandra Sekhar Puli now leads London Gastro Care in Hyderabad as the Chairman and Founder. His dedication to advancing medical knowledge is evident through his contributions to high-impact journals like BMJ, GUT, and Circulation.

Setting the Gold Standard for Gastroenterology in Hyderabad

Dr. Puli’s qualifications, paired with his global exposure, establish London Gastro Care as a center of excellence. With patient-centric care and innovative medical advancements, he has redefined gastroenterology in Hyderabad.

Experience the Unparalleled Difference

Elevate your gastroenterology care under the guidance of Dr. Chandra Sekhar Puli. His distinguished qualifications – FRCP, MRCP Gastro UK, MRCP (Oxford), MBBS – and unwavering commitment to healthcare innovation make London Gastro Care the epitome of comprehensive gastroenterology services.

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Research Paper

Dr. Chandra Puli published a research paper on Academia

Conscious sedation for transoesophagealechocardiography (TOE): Impact on procedure and patient of titrated low dose sedation.